Scenic City Kids

Scenic City Kids (Infant – Elementary)

As parents our first responsibility it to our family. God blessed us with beautiful children, and we are responsible to disciple them in such a way that they grow and have relationship with God. Our current Children’s Ministry curriculum helps us do just that. Life Church, who is based out of Oklahoma City, creates a wonderful curriculum every month and then makes it available for other churches to use openly. In January 2015 we made the transition over to their curriculum and it has been a huge hit with our kids! They are being engaged, learning scripture and how to live a life that reflects God’s love to those around them.

Our Goal is to be more then just babysitters during a service. We want our time as volunteers spent with your kids to be meaningful. We want to engage the kids to learn about Christ. We want them to know the Bible is true. We want them to grow in their faith to trust Christ. Finally, we want to disciple them so they feel confident when it is time to tell their friends about Christ.

Playroom (6 weeks old through 3 years old)

Preschool (4 & 5 years old)

Our curriculum for this age group offers age-specific lessons that capture the kids imagination with fun activities and memorization. We sing songs, learn a bible story and bible verse all with hand motions to help them remember what they learned that day in class. You can be apart of helping your child to continue to learn at home and on the go with the Bible App for Kids. It is a free app that is available for download. They are able to continue to learn their Bible story at home in a fun and engaging way.

Elementary (1st grade through 5th grade)

We offer a futuristic lesson that is funny and entertaining, but also deals with real issues that Elementary aged kids are faced with on a daily basis. Each week they learn and new Bible story and verse. At the end of each service they are sent home with a challenge card. This helps them to continue to learn about the Bible story they heard that weekend at Church and for you as a parent to be apart of that learning. Going over the card takes less then 10 minutes a day. There is also a short devotional available online through YouVersion. The child then is able to bring back their completed card to the next service, where they are able to earn points. Together the class builds points and when they reach their goal they will pick an animal to gift to a family in a developing nation. We want our kids to understand that they can have an impact on people not just in their community but all around the world!